Lush - Unit 4

Architects - Bloc.
Builders - Construction ID.
Interiors - U3 Design.
Co- Developer - U3.

Union3 International partnered with Lush and Weylandts to create an exclusive furniture package for the Lush two bedroom villa situated in Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate.
This collaboration stems from Union’s 3 service of offering furniture packages for property professionals, investors and homeowners. The collaboration seemed to go hand in hand to join Union3’s design and development expertise with Weylandts’ authentic, iconic furniture pieces and enthusiasm for bold design.
We carefully curated a furniture package that showcased a blend of light natural materials and elements with an earthy colour palette of rust reds, natural yellows and earthy browns. The package consists of professionally selected cost effective items which creates the most economical package without compromising on aesthetic. Each item plays its own role within the villa to create a designed, modern and cohesive space.